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Welcome to the Pacific Transit System
Dial - A - Ride Service Policy
Effective: December 13, 2012

Dial-A-Ride is a Curb-to-curb service. Individual case by case enhanced service will be provided to disabled/ADA and seniors when needed.
To ride on the Dial-A-Ride you must be at least one of the following:
  1. Be disabled or ADA Certified (non-certified disabled ADA customers will be given a form to fill out for future rides).
  2. Be a senior 65 years or older.
  3. Coming or going somewhere off the main bus route by more than ¼ of a mile.

ADA Certified passengers have first priority for Dial-A-Ride reservations. They can bump a non-ADA passenger's reserved pick-up time, up to the day before of travel. The bumped passenger will be notified of the change no less than the day before of their reserved time.

Rules Regarding Riding the Dial-A-Ride:
  • Making a reservation: We recommend calling the office the day before your intended pickup time. Reservations can be made up to 3 weeks ahead.
  • Same day reservations: Same day call requests are scheduled as space and time allows. You can try to call the same day of travel but you might not get the time you want or get on the schedule at all; therefore we recommend making reservations a minimum of the day before your intended pick up time.
  • Call-Backs: Call-backs will be scheduled as soon as possible when called in but can have a waiting period of up to an hour. Keep this in mind if you need to be home at a certain time or for medical purposes. Call-backs are calls made for returning trips back home when a reserved trip has been made and because of the appointment you don't know when you will be done. Example: Doctor or Hospital appointment.
  • Intermittent Stops: If you plan intermittent stops during your travel, you must have advance reservations for drop off and pick-up times. Drivers will not wait for passengers at intermittent stops. These multiple stops must be scheduled at least 30 minutes apart. There is no limit on the amount of stops that can be reserved in one day; but is limited to what is available on the schedule for that day.
  • If you are capable of riding the fixed route and live less than 1/4 mile from an existing bus route you may not be eligible to ride Dial-A-Ride.
  • If you are not ADA Certified or a senior and are capable of riding the fixed route you may be transferred to the fixed route bus to carry you further to your destination.
  • The driver can come 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time due to traffic, construction, cancellations, etc. The driver will wait only 5 minutes from the time of arrival to board the Dial-A-Ride. If you do not ride it will count as a "no-show".
  • The Dial-A-Ride can also be up to 15 minutes late from your scheduled pick up time, again from traffic, construction, wheelchair pickups, etc. Keep this in mind when scheduling a ride.
  • Dial-A-Ride service is a curb-to-curb shared-ride service provided through advance reservations.
  • A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may accompany a passenger to provide assistance to the individual when needed. The PCA rides free and must board and de-board at the same location as the passenger. The passenger is only allowed one PCA.
  • Inform the office if a PCA will be traveling with you when making a reservation.
  • Companions are allowed to accompany the passenger on a space available basis. Companions pay the same fare as the passenger and must board and de-board at the same location as the passenger. A PCA is not considered a companion. The passenger can have a companion along with a PCA.
  • Please inform the office when making a reservation if a companion will be traveling with you.
  • If you have an oversized mobility aid, transportation may or may not be available.
  • The lift has a maximum weight of 600 lbs including the equipment.
  • To ensure the safety of our passengers, we recommend wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, and other motorized equipment be fitted with working brakes. We also recommend motorized wheelchairs, scooters, and other motorized equipment be turned off while on board the lift. Wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, and other equipment will be secured in the bus with tie downs. (If the equipment cannot be tied down, service will not be refused)
  • Drivers are not allowed to operate your motorized wheelchair, power chair, scooter, or other motorized equipment.
  • Walkers must be folded up and placed in front of the passenger while in the seat. No equipment may block the main aisle for safety reasons.
  • Carry-on items are allowed so long they do not block the aisle. They must be able to fit between you and the seat in front of you.
  • Groceries and other packages should be limited to only those you and/or your companion can safely carry at one time. No packages may block the main aisle or occupy a seat from another passenger.
  • Drivers are not responsible for making changes to your itinerary. You must call the office to arrange new trips, change your destination, or cancel travel plans.
  • If you must cancel your trip, you must call the office at least one hour prior to your scheduled pick-up time.
Failure to comply will result in a "no-show"
  • A No-show is acquired when you are not present at the address where you requested; not ready to leave within the 5 minute wait time after the drivers arrives for your pickup within the 30-minute window; and cancellations made less than one hour before your scheduled pick-up time. Please read our 'No-Show Policy".
  • Anyone who incurs four (4) no-shows in a 30-day period (or six (6) for subscription rides of 6 or more per week), may be suspended from riding the Dial-A-Ride for fourteen (14) days or longer. No-shows suspension is by a case to case basis. You have a right to appeal a suspension. Contact our office for our Appeals Policy and form.
  • If you need to transport your pet, a commercial carrier is required, unless it's a service animal.
  • A service animal is any animal which provides a task to the passenger. A comfort/therapy animal is not considered a service animal.
  • If you need to ride to the same place at the same time at least once a week you can request a subscription ride. Subscriptions rides are first come-first serve with ADA preference for all rides.
  • A subscription ride can be bumped if the holder is not ADA Certified and an ADA Certified passenger/rider requests that time. If this happens you will be contacted no less than the day before your intended ride.
  • Once the subscription ride is set up, you do not have to call to request the ride each week, it will be automatically scheduled.
  • You must call to cancel the trip if you do not want the ride. When calling state which ride or rides you want canceled. All other subscription rides will not be canceled unless so requested.
  • All subscription rides will be automatically canceled on the following holidays since Pacific Transit does not operate on these days:
    New Years Day Labor Day Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day July 4th-Independence Day Christmas Day
    On all other Holidays, Pacific Transit is still operating, so the passenger/rider must call to cancel his/her ride if you do not want to travel on that particular holiday.
  • Assisting passengers on or off the wheelchair lift.
  • Securing your wheelchair, power chair, scooter, or other motorized equipment to the van
  • Fastening the vehicles seatbelt when in a wheelchair, scooter or other motorized equipment.
  • Collecting fares.
  • Contacting 911 in case of an emergency on the vehicle.
If you have any questions regarding Dial-A-Ride Service call: 360-875-9418 or 360- 642-9418.

Revised 12-13-2012
Revised 05-10-2012
Revised 06-16-2010
Policy-Dial-A-Ride Service Adopted 5-1998
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