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Welcome to the Pacific Transit System
Dial - A - Ride "No-Show" Policy Web Page
Effective Date: May 10, 2012

A No-show is recorded when:
  1. You are not present at the address where you requested to be picked up or the driver cannot locate you.
  2. You are not ready to board the Dial-A-Ride within the five (5) minutes upon arrival of the on-time Dial-A-Ride (On-Time is either 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your scheduled requested ride)
  3. You have not called to cancel your scheduled ride a minimum of one (1) hour prior to your scheduled ride. [Three (3) late cancellations equals one (1) no-show]
If you receive a no-show, the return trip you have scheduled for that day will automatically be canceled.
Excessive No-Shows:
Excessive no-shows are defined as four (4) no-shows within a continuous thirty (30) day period for regular rides; or six (6) no-shows for subscription rides of 6 rides or more per week .** Excessive no-shows can be defined as intentional, regular, or repeated actions of missed scheduled trips.
No-shows attributed to causes beyond the individual's control will not be counted as a no-show. Some examples are:
  • Pacific Transit's error;
  • Doctor cancels the appointment less than the required one (1) hour cancellation period, which does not give rider the opportunity to cancel in the reasonable time;
  • Dial-A-Ride arrives late more than 15 minutes, and you are not there or you refuse the ride;
  • Dial-A-Ride arrives early, more than 15 minutes before your scheduled ride and you are not ready and/or you refuse your ride (The 5 minute waiting period will start once the 15 minutes is reached from the scheduled ride);
  • Family Emergency;
  • Illness that prevented the rider from calling to cancel;
  • Personal attendant or another party who didn't arrive on time to assist the rider;
  • Rider's appointment ran past the pickup time;
  • Rider's mobility aid failed.
** Pacific Transit System reserves the right to temporarily suspend a persons Dial-A-Ride services if excessive. All No-Shows are recorded.

No-Show Policy:
A. Upon Receiving the Third No-Show:
Upon recording the third (3) no-show within the continuous thirty (30) day period or the fifth (5) no-show for subscription rides of 6 or more per week, Pacific Transit System will contact the person by phone and by letter. The letter will include the dates, locations, and the specific reasons for the no-shows and the person will be advised that the fourth/sixth no-show will result in suspension of their Dial-A-Ride service. A copy of the letter will be sent to any sponsoring agency or appropriate third party if the individual has a disability or impairment that prevents them from reading or understanding the contents and implications of the letter.

B. First Offense Upon Receiving Fourth/sixth No-Show and Suspension:
Upon recording the fourth no-show in the continuous 30 day period or the sixth for subscription rides of 6 or more, the rider's Dial-A-Ride service will be suspended for fourteen (14) days. Again, the person will be contacted by phone and letter; and the appropriate agency or third party will be notified if necessary. Notification will include the specific reasons for the actions; the dates that the suspension will begin and end; and how an appeal to this decision can be requested.

C. Second Offense and Suspension:
If the person receives a second suspension, the second suspension time period will be for twenty-one (21) days.

D. Third Offense and Suspension:
If the person receives a third suspension, the third suspension time period will be for thirty (30) days.

E. Four or More Offenses:
Repeated suspensions may be longer than the third offense depending on circumstances and amount of offenses. Suspensions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

F. Subscription Rides and Suspension:
Upon a suspension, all of the reserved subscription rides will be canceled. The person must call the office and request to set up the rides again. There is no guarantee that once the suspension is completed the same days and times will be available.

G. 2 Years without Suspensions:
If a 2 year period lapsed without any suspensions, the suspension will start at the first offense.

Appealing the Suspension:
If a rider was suspended from service due to excessive no-shows, the rider may file an appeal within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the notification letter of suspension. Call 360-875-9418 or 360-642-9418 to have an Appeals Form mailed to you or stop by in person and pick up a form at 216 N. 2nd Street, Raymond, Washington.
You can also call 360-875-9418 or 360-642-9418 to talk to the Administrative Assistant/Supervisor to try resolve the suspension in a quicker time period. If the suspension cannot be resolved via phone an Appeals Form will be mailed.
If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact our office at 360-875-9418 or 360-642-9418.
Revised 05-10-2012
Revised 06-16-2010
No-Show Policy April 1997
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