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Job Announcement Pacific Transit System - Transit Director

Organization: Pacific County, Public Transportation Benefit Authority (PTBA)
Locations: 216 North Second Street, Raymond, WA and 2750 Pacific Way, Seaview, WA
Tuesday May 20th, 2014 at 5:00pm
Contact: Tim Russ, Pacific Transit Director; 360-875-9418
Salary: $65,000 - $75,000 D.O.Q.

Upon the retirement of the incumbent, Pacific Transit is seeking a new Transit Director. Pacific Transit is a public transportation benefit authority, and operates a public transportation system with fixed route bus and paratransit services serving the north and south Pacific County Washington communities of Aberdeen, Bay Center, Chinook, Ilwaco, Long Beach, Nahcotta, Naselle, Ocean Park, Oysterville, Surfside, South Bend, Raymond, and Astoria, Oregon. The annual operating budget is $1.4 million; the fixed route service provides 103,000 annual trips and the demand response service provides 13,000 annual trips. For more information regarding Pacific Transit visit their website at

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Transit Director is the chief executive officer of Pacific Transit reporting to an eight-member Board of Directors composed of the three county commissioners and one elected member from Raymond, South Bend, Long Beach and Ilwaco; and a non-voting labor representative. The Transit Director is responsible for ensuring that Pacific Transit provides effective and efficient transit service. Effective services meet essential transportation needs within the service area and in compliance with federal, state and local requirements. Efficient services are those of the highest possible quality delivered at the lowest possible cost to both riders and the non-riding taxpaying public. The Transit Director develops and implements all Pacific Transit personnel policies and is responsible for matters regarding employment. The Transit Director, in consultation with the Authority Board, leads the negotiations with the Amalgamated Transit Union and administers the provisions of the labor contract. The Transit Director serves as the liaison to federal, state and local agencies on behalf of Pacific Transit. The Transit Director works with local and regional planning organizations, businesses, civic and educational interests in developing cooperative relationships that advance public transportation. The Transit Director ensures that all transit services, facilities and programs are operated in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and collaborates with citizens regarding accessibility of paratransit services to ensure user friendly transit for citizens with various disabilities and seniors. The Transit Director, in consultation with the Authority Board, develops annual grant requests to the Washington State Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, and other funding agencies to maximize the amount of capital and operating revenues.

Requirements & Qualifications:
This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Management or related fields is preferred, or a combination of education and experience that would allow for the successful performance of the responsibilities of the Transit Director. Successful candidates will have at least five years of progressively increasing experience in the management of transportation programs and services in either the public or private sector. Experience in all facets of transportation agency management including planning, operations, maintenance, marketing, personnel, labor management and finance are essential to this position. The selected candidate must have a current Commercial Driver’s License or be able to get one in six months upon date of hire.

Announcement, Description and Application forms:
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Submit a Pacific Transit Directors Application form, resume and letter of interest NO LATER THAN Tuesday May 20th, 2014 at 5:00 pm to: P.O. Box 1053, Raymond, WA 98577 Or e-mail package to:
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