Company Policies

Comment/Complaint Process and Form

Pacific Transit System shall seeks to continuously improve its service by encouraging comments/complaints from our riders, employees and members of the community at large.

Lost and Found

Items left on buses or in shelters will be turned into the Lost and Found Box. With the exception of perishable items, items will be retained for three (3) months. After three (3) months items will be discarded in an appropriate manner. 

[Lost and Found Policy]


Standards of Conduct through Exclusion Policy

Prohibited rider conduct on the bus is explained. Such behavior as outlined in the policy may lead to suspension from bus service.

[Exclusion Policy]


Title VI

Complaint. Pacific Transit ensures that no person shall be discriminated on the grounds of race, color, or national origin as stated in the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Any person who feels they have been discriminated against may file a complaint. 

[Title VI Policy and Form]

ADA Policy

Download our ADA policy by clicking here.


Reasonable Modifications Policy

Download our Reasonable Modifications Policy here.

Dial-A-Ride No Show Policy

Download Pacific Transit's No Show Policy here.

Dial-A-Ride Service Policy

Download the Dial-A-Ride Service policy by clicking here.

ADA/No-Show/Reasonable Appeal Process

Download Pacific Transit's Appeal Process here.

Public Record Requests

For a public record request, complete the Public Record Request Form and either return by fax to 360-942-3193, or by mail to Pacific Transit System c/o Audrey Olson, Public Records Officer, 216 N. 2nd Street, Raymond, WA 98577

Public Records Request Form ] Fees for requested documents are based on the following adopted: Fee Charges Public Request.